More work on the firing point

Last year, John rebuilt the firing point barrier to allow us to handle more disciplines. We never got round to painting the new woodwork before the winter set in. With the complete lack of heating over the winter, the barrier woodwork and many of the wall and ceiling panels had got a bit mouldy.

The whole area has now been cleaned down with mould retardant, and the firing point barrier is now primed and undercoated. It will get a pastel coloured top-coat soon.

Other jobs on the firing point that have now been done before we re-open the range:

  • Both of the shooting benches have been rubbed down and then given 3 coats of Danish Oil to protect the wood.
  • Wheels have been fitted to the benches to make them easier and safer to move around the range
  • The big dark chest of drawers and cupboard unit at the back of the range has been dismantled and disposed of, creating space for storing the benches when they are not in use.

Other jobs on the firing point that remain to be done:

  • A final topcoat of paint on the barrier and paint the newly exposed patch of breezeblock.
  • The grotty old carpet on the floor will be removed and replaced with a more hygienic laminated wooden floor.