Refurbishing the butts, end result

The last parts of refurbishing the butts and reinstating target holders on the upper level are now completed. The upper target frame positions have been created, all bare wood primed, fascia repainted and lane numbers applied. Job done!

Refurbishing the butts, phase 2

Taking advantage of the current lockdown, work to refurbish the butts has continued. Day 2 (and some additional short visits) saw the installation of support wires for the upper (standing) level Rutec sheets, cutting and joining the Rutec sheets for the upper level, the replacement of some old timbers on the lower level, and the…

Refurbishing the butts, phase 1

Work to refurbish the butts has started. Day 1 saw the replacement of some key timbers that had been well and truely shot-up over the decades. This is stage 1 of replacing all the damaged timbers, installing a new Rutec splash back prevention system, and opening the upper section for shooting at standing height.

Firing point changes finished

During the lockdown, our resident carpenter has made good progress on the firing point alterations. As you can see below, the old barrier has been largely removed, and hinged frames have been installed on each firing point. The objective is to make it possible to shoot in the standing and kneeling positions, as well as…

Painting the range floor

Taking the opportunity of the fair weather and the lack of shooting, the range floor has been renovated. The old carpets and rugs were cleared out and disposed of before lockdown began, and some repairs were made. Mid May, as the lockdown restrictions were eased a little, a morning was spent giving the floor a…

Flight Refuelling firing line doors

Some additional ideas for the remodelling of our firing -line barrier, courtesy of Rob at Flight Refuelling, near Wimborne. Bay width is narrower than the width of 2 RRA points, giving just 3 rather wide firing points.

Study visit to Romsey Scouts RC

Some of the committee visited Romsey Scouts RC to see how they have set up their air gun range. We hope to learn from their experiences when considering how to offer air weapon disciplines at RRA. Some phots are shown below.