Please note that for the moment we are not accepting new members, as we are at full capacity.
For the time being, we are operating a waiting list for prospective members.
Please contact the secretary through the Contact us page if you are interested in visiting the club – do not turn up at the range without an appointment!

Membership is open to anyone who is not prohibited from handling firearms by Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (see explanation below).

We allow newcomers to attend the club a couple of times as guests, to get a feeling for us and the sport, but after that it is necessary to apply for membership. Initially you may be offered probationary membership, which covers a ‘getting to know you’ period of minimum 3 months. Please be aware that we are required by law to inform Hampshire Constabulary of all applications for membership, and we will share some personal details with them. During the probationary period, it is expected that you will attend the club regularly, abide by the rules and start to integrate into the club without issue.

At the end of the probationary period you may be offered full annual membership. Full members must also join the National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA), which may be done direct or through the club.

Annual Fees 2023
Probationary membership : Adult £30, Junior £15
Full membership : Adult £75, Junior £40
Plus obligatory NSRA membership @ prevailing rates

Range fees 2023
Adults £2 per visit
Juniors £1 per visit

About section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968

This Section applies to any person who has been sentenced to imprisonment or to youth custody or detention in any young offenders institution for three months or more.
A person sentenced to a period between 3 months and 3 years is prohibited for 5 years from the date of release. A person sentenced to 3 years or more is prohibited for life.
It is an offence for a person to transfer, let, hire, or lend a firearm or ammunition to someone whom he knows or has reasonable grounds for believing to be a prohibited person.
If you are prohibited by section 21, then you will be refused permission to handle firearms, air guns or ammunition at this rifle club.