Refurbishing the butts, phase 2

Taking advantage of the current lockdown, work to refurbish the butts has continued.

Day 2 (and some additional short visits) saw the installation of support wires for the upper (standing) level Rutec sheets, cutting and joining the Rutec sheets for the upper level, the replacement of some old timbers on the lower level, and the removal of the wooden structure that supported the old splash-back curtain on the lower (prone) level.

Day 3 saw the hanging of the upper level Rutec sheets, installation of the lower level support wires, cutting, joining and hanging the Rutec sheets for the lower level – thus completing the installation of the new Rutec splash back system.

Day 4 got the fascia boards adapted with a quick release system and re-instated ready for prone shooting to re-commence.

The final stage of this project is scheduled, and will see the opening of six target hanging positions on the upper level, and general repairs to the surrounding boards.