Refurbishing the butts, phase 1

Work to refurbish the butts has started. Day 1 saw the replacement of some key timbers that had been well and truely shot-up over the decades. This is stage 1 of replacing all the damaged timbers, installing a new Rutec splash back prevention system, and opening the upper section for shooting at standing height.

NSRA requests YOUR views…

This important message has been received from the NSRA Board. Please take a few minutes to read this request for feedback, and ideally complete the survey. It is really important that everyone in the sport assists our governing body, the NSRA, to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of a wide range of shooters….

Milestone for the ‘Friday gang’ of ex New Milton RC members

Friday 31st July saw a milestone event for the cohort of members who have recently joined Ringwood RA after the sad closure of New Milton RC. That evening was the first occasion when ex New Milton RC members shot at the Ringwood range as members of Ringwood RA. The evening ran smoothly with all attendees…

Successful first evening’s shooting

Monday 27th July was the first evening of shooting at the club since early March. Attended by Gordon as Range Officer, and three other members (Richard E, John W & Dave C), it ran very smoothly and showed that our social distancing and infection avoidance measures work well. In addition, this was the first time…

Range changes for social distancing

The club will re-open on Monday 27th July, and – of course – social distancing protocols must be followed (see range booking page for full details) To help with this, some furniture has been moved around in the club room…..

Corona virus & Covid 19

The club will be re-opening, with limited access, from Monday 27th July. See the ‘Range Booking’ page for details

Firing point changes finished

During the lockdown, our resident carpenter has made good progress on the firing point alterations. As you can see below, the old barrier has been largely removed, and hinged frames have been installed on each firing point. The objective is to make it possible to shoot in the standing and kneeling positions, as well as…

Car park repairs imminent?

A large heap of aggregate has appeared in the car park…. dare we hope that the many pot holes will soon be patched?

Painting the range floor

Taking the opportunity of the fair weather and the lack of shooting, the range floor has been renovated. The old carpets and rugs were cleared out and disposed of before lockdown began, and some repairs were made. Mid May, as the lockdown restrictions were eased a little, a morning was spent giving the floor a…