Range Bookings

26th November : New government restrictions mean that the range is in a Tier-2 region. For this reason it will remain closed until further notice Please note that the protocols were revised 16th August & 28th September 2020, in the light of experience during the first three weeks of re-opening and altered NSRA guidelines. The…

Range registered as a track & trace venue

The Range has been registered as a venue in the NHS covid-19 track and trace system. The inner door now sports a natty QR barcode. If you are using the NHS app, please scan the QR code when you enter the building.

Milestone for the ‘Friday gang’ of ex New Milton RC members

Friday 31st July saw a milestone event for the cohort of members who have recently joined Ringwood RA after the sad closure of New Milton RC. That evening was the first occasion when ex New Milton RC members shot at the Ringwood range as members of Ringwood RA. The evening ran smoothly with all attendees…

Successful first evening’s shooting

Monday 27th July was the first evening of shooting at the club since early March. Attended by Gordon as Range Officer, and three other members (Richard E, John W & Dave C), it ran very smoothly and showed that our social distancing and infection avoidance measures work well. In addition, this was the first time…

Range changes for social distancing

The club will re-open on Monday 27th July, and – of course – social distancing protocols must be followed (see range booking page for full details) To help with this, some furniture has been moved around in the club room…..