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  • Range Bookings

    26th Nov 2020 by

    26th November : New government restrictions mean that the range is in a Tier-2 region. For this reason it will remain closed until further notice Please note that the protocols were revised 16th August & 28th September 2020, in the light of experience during the first three weeks of re-opening and altered NSRA guidelines. The… Read more

  • Refurbishing the butts, end result

    13th Dec 2020 by

    The last parts of refurbishing the butts and reinstating target holders on the upper level are now completed. The upper target frame positions have been created, all bare wood primed, fascia repainted and lane numbers applied. Job done!

  • Refurbishing the butts, phase 2

    26th Nov 2020 by

    Taking advantage of the current lockdown, work to refurbish the butts has continued. Day 2 (and some additional short visits) saw the installation of support wires for the upper (standing) level Rutec sheets, cutting and joining the Rutec sheets for the upper level, the replacement of some old timbers on the lower level, and the… Read more

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