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  • Range Bookings

    14th Jun 2021 by

    May 17th 2021: Range re-opened with booking system, limited capacity. June 14th 2021: Following the delay of removing all restrictions that was announced today, the booking system will remain in force until 18th July, or whenever the government guidelines permit.July 19th 2021: The new provisional date when all restrictions will be lifted. In step 3… Read more

  • 3P returns to Ringwood!

    4th Jun 2021 by

    For the first time in very many years (decades, even!), 3 positional shooting today returned to the Ringwood range. After the recent re-build of the firing point barrier and the upper level of target holders, Richard C. today shot in all three positions and officially re-instated these disciplines at the range. It is great to… Read more

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